All websites require constant maintenance in order to keep their content fresh and up to date. This is because all search engines have rules that rank websites based on how updated the content is. Websites with old content are usually buried under other similar websites whose content is more up-to-date. This is done to always give a reader something fresh to read, and something with which he can relate to. Older images, videos as well as outdated functionalities also have to be chalked out and replaced with newer ones to maintain the freshness of a website.

We can help you figure out an update pattern for your website

Imagine this, would you really like to read something that happened years, months, or even weeks ago, or would you prefer to read some recent stuff instead? Search engines also analyze this aspect and correspondingly downgrade or upgrade a website’s ranking based upon the freshness of its content. To keep the content of your website fresh, you’ll have to constantly revise it, edit it as well as continuously make changes to existing website content so that it appeals to its target audience.